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  • Original Content
  • User Support
  • Development
  • App Hosting
  • Monetization
  • Consulting
  • Patent & Trademark
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    Kick-OffGetting Started

    As a first step, our team will study your app in-depth and create a complete diagnostic assessment which we will deliver to you and use as a road map for your support. (This same service can cost thousands of dollars if done by a traditional consulting firm or systems analyst)

    As soon as we process your information, we will be contacting you to schedule the Kick-Off Meeting where you will be able to address any major concerns or immediate issues that you need help with. There is no time-limit on the kick-off meeting while we get to know you and your app/site.

    Immediately following the meeting, we'll be providing you with several hours dedicated content creation and support services to deal with your immediate needs and important issues with the app or site.

    Premium Support for Commercial Apps and Websites

    If you have an app or website that has commercial traffic and needs professional management to keep that app or site running then BANG! is for you. We can run your app or website with 24/7 user support, original content updates and hosting. We can even improve your code, create original content, assist you with generating more traffic and most importantly more revenue.

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    App Showcase Image
    App Showcase Image

    User SupportManagement

    We believe in real people providing human support. BANG! Support subscribers know they can rely on a real person who will answer their questions. We dedicate our staff to studying your app/product so we are knowledgable and can help to solve even the most technical issues and keep your app current. We are here to serve your needs so contact us anytime. Really, anytime!

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    Original Content

    BANG! has ventured to be the first company to offer original content
    as a support service. Yes, as part of your support we'll create original
    content for your site and app as much and as often as you need it.

    • Update Website Copy and Blog Articles
    • Keep App content fresh and up-to-date
    • Create new promos, videos, images, etc
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    App Showcase Image
    App Showcase Image


    Let us manage your software development projects. We'll make every effort to hire local talent and oversee all development services so you know you're getting the most out of your development budget and are hiring the best people because we'll hire (and fire) them for you. Our staff has worked together and individually to build many proprietary and commercial apps from the ground-up so we know who can do the work and can keep costs super low.

    While your previous developers were only there to build the app, we operate as an extension of your company and can easily pickup where your original dev team left off and continue to support your apps and it's development goals post-launch.

    We oversee and manage custom development solutions for mobile, web, Set-Top-Box, enterprise and desktop software applications.

    App Buyer Client

    Elizabeth Adams

    We just launched our new app and this time around our users have been very active in Twitter and the Google Play Reviews. BANG! has been there to respond to all their questions and comments. I love knowing someone is there to support my app and I love being able to keep my customers happy :)

    App Buyer Client

    Michael Stevenson

    I released my mobile app back in 2011 just as the industry started heating up. I had been spending way too much time updating the content every week. Transfering this job to BANG! has really freed up my time to focus on making more money!

    App Buyer Client

    Katy Engles-Pope

    When BANG! sends us bug reports or notifies us of user complaints, we know that we have a partner who will work with us to address the technical issues to improve the user experience with our software.

    Download BANG! Project Studio


    The BANG! Project Studio lets us provide top-shelf collaboration for design and development on our own platform. Download the software and check out the sample projects to see first-hand how we work for you.

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